PROSPER- Multiplier event in Katowice


We are happy to announce that the project had a Multiplier event in Katowice


The project was presented during International Congress on Education Quality (Katowice, 16–18 November 2022). The International Congress on Education Quality is a new initiative of annual meetings devoted to the quality of education. Our goal is to exchange experiences, undertake joint initiatives, and work together on the continuous improvement of education quality.

The project was presented during the a workshop which the design of an e-learning course on social entrepreneurship, which was developed within the framework of the international project “Prosper – PROmoting Social entre Preneurship in higher Education for a prospeRous society”. A sample course module on the Moodle platform was presented, including materials for course participants to study independently. In addition, user manuals for this course were discussed. Apart from its content value, the presented course is an excellent example of practical use of gamification elements as a modern teaching method. 

You can find out more about the event here:

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